North American Safety Valve has been serving customers proudly for 40 years. We don’t claim to be geniuses, but we can say with confidence that we do know safety valves. In fact, they are all we do here.

We work exclusively with wholesalers in the safety valve industry, so you never have to worry about us trying to conduct business with your end users. To show our appreciation for our loyal patrons, we try and do things that make it easy to work with us.

Ever since the beginning, we’ve run our business with you in mind. But over the years, we’ve also had the opportunity to refine our goals. Today, and as long as we’re in business, we adhere to the following values and standards:

Customer Service

We attempt to answer the phone after the first ring, and the voice you’ll hear belongs to a pleasant person – not a machine that provides a “menu of options.”

For each inquiry, our objective is to give you a price and delivery date instantly. If you e-mail or fax us and we don’t get back to you that same day, you’d better call and confirm that we received your message.

Same-Day Shipping

We try and ship every order out the same day we receive it. But a safety valve doesn’t ship as easily as your typical retail product. It takes time to assemble safety valves and test them, so try not to call us in the later afternoon for something you want to ship out the same day.

Our UPS representative shows up every day at 3:30 p.m. and again at 5. Old Dominion freight is waiting at 4:30 for your heavy pieces. You send us the order, and we’ll get you your valves.

Stored Knowledge

In addition to great service, we at NASVI also offer a wealth of knowledge. With four decades of operation under our belt, we feel good about calling ourselves safety valve experts.

Our employees stay with the company for a long time, and what they know comes in handy when you or your end-user has questions or problems. You could try calling the manufacturer with your questions, but that can become frustrating in a hurry. Instead, give us a call and put our stored knowledge to work.

Give us a call today. We’re happy to work with you concerning all of your safety valve needs.