On-Site Repair Services

On-Site Repair Services

Sometimes even the fastest off-site repair service just isn’t fast enough, which is why North American Safety Valve offers quality on-site repair services through use of a self-contained repair shop and mobile testing unit.

Step into the Field Service Unit and you’ll find all the equipment necessary to perform the highest-caliber repairs, including a sand blaster, compressor, lathe, mill/drill press and lapping stones. There’s also a Consolidated® seat-resurfacing machine with adapters for every orifice in the Maxi-Flow® boiler line. Completed safety valve work will carry the VR stamp.

We also provide computerized valve testing.

The Field Service Unit also includes a state-of-the-art computerized lift-assist testing unit that allows for testing set pressures and resetting high-pressure safety valves in the field. The testing unit allows us to test welded down or stationary valves without having to remove them. The lift-assist testing unit also allows for resetting valves after repairs have been made while the valves are on-line.

Whether you need the Field Service Unit for three days or three weeks, you’re going to decrease downtime and increase your opportunities by taking advantage of North American Safety Valve’s on-site repair services.

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