Remanufactured Valves

Remanufactured Valves

Our experience with remanufactured valves can help you operate a cost-effective business without sacrificing quality or safety.

At North American Safety Valve, we not only have the facilities, but also extensive experience in all areas of valve remanufacturing.

When we remanufacture a safety valve, we:

>> Completely disassemble the valve
>> Check every working part for signs of wear to ensure each part meets the manufacturer’s tolerances
>> Sand blast castings and check for possible defects
>> Face all flanges to a new finish
>> Replace all gaskets, bolts and nuts
>> Reassemble and paint the valve
>> Test the remanufactured valve to ensure it meets or exceeds new valve criteria

Our quality control program allows personnel to monitor all steps of the remanufacturing process closely and assure the highest quality. In fact, we guarantee parts and workmanship on all remanufactured valves for two years!

North American Exchange and Rental Program

We offer a valve rental program to service those who have safety valves in need of repair but can’t afford to shut down for a lengthy period of time.

Before a maintenance shutdown, we ship the needed safety valves. Once installed, you send the old valves to us for repair. Once we complete the restoration, we ship the newly repaired valves back to you to replace the rental valves.

It’s that easy! And as with our new valves, North American Safety Valve guarantees fast, reliable turnaround for remanufactured valves.

Give us a call today. We’re happy to work with you concerning all of your safety valve needs.